XT-16 Combo Dispenser & Mixer

Short Description:

Manual paint dispenser and automatic gyroscopic mixer integrated

Constant accuracy

Cost-effective & reliable

Small footprint to save space


Product Detail

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combo dispenser, dispenser and mixer

This dispensing unit represents a unique integrated design, the upper part is manual dispenser and the lower part is the classic automatic gyroscopic mixer. These two parts of combo dispenser can work simultaneously when the machine is dispensing and mixing the paint or colorant.

It dramatically saves space and costs maintaining a very compact footprint. It is the ideal solution for modern retail stores where space is a premium and maximum efficiency is required.

The combo dispenser & mixer is designed to be very easy to set up and operate, check the operation manual to set up the machine directly. The integrated structure is designed to grant maximum accessibility for both normal use and maintenance.

manual dispenser double gauge dispenser gauge

Double gauge pump

manual dispenser single gauge pump paint dispenser

Single gauge pump

XT-16 Features

●  Manual dispenser and automatic gyro mixer integrated machine
●  16 canisters with selection of pump technology
●  Compatible with water based or universal colorants
●  Canister real capacity of 2 liters / quarts
●  2 Ounces (60 ml) stainless steel piston pumps
●  Dispensing precision up to 1/384 fl oz (0.077 cc)
●  Automatic colorant mixing (5 min every 6 hours, factory adjustable)
●  Safety switch on the mixer access door


● Single and double gauge pump settings
● Different dispensing unit / shot scales
● White or black canister body
● 110V 60 Hz power settings
● Custom body colors

Can handling

● Maximum load 35 Kg (77 lb.)
● Maximum can height 420 mm
● Minimum can height 85 mm
● Maximum can diameter 330 mm

Power and electric specs.

● Single phase 220 V 50 Hz ± 10%
● Max. power consumption 790 W
● Working temperature from 10° to 40°
● Relative humidity from 5% to 85% (not condensing)

Dimensions and shipping

● Machine (H, W, D) 1480 x 800 x 770 mm
● Packing (H, W, D) 1630 x 920 x 1000 mm
● Net Weight 230Kg
● Gross Weight 273Kg
● 12 Pieces / 20”Container

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