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Stable accuracy

Cost-effective & reliable

Small footprint, space saving

Simple to maintain

An ideal machine for retail store


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Floor stand models


Countertop models

These dispensers are characterized by constant precision and reliability. They are available in 12, 14, 16 and 21 canisters configurations in both floor stand and countertop versions.Gauge scales with locking pins offers accurate measuring, and these are the keys in achieving color repeatability.Piston pumps made with PTFE are abrasion resisting, anti-solvent, low friction coefficient and long lasting.Pump housing, mandrel and other components are all made with stainless steel.Colorant canisters are fabricated with high quality engineering plastics, resisting to corrosion and anti-solvent, translucent canister cap provides visual monitoring for colorant level.These families of dispensers are suitable for water or oil base colorant applications.

manual dispenser double gauge dispenser gauge

TS-2XX Double gauge pump

manual dispenser single gauge pump paint dispenser

TS-1XX Single gauge pump

TS-XXX Common features

● Compatible with water based or universal colorants
● Canister real capacity of 2 liters/quarts
● 2 Ounces (60 ml) stainless steel piston pumps
● Automatic colorant mixing (5 min every 6 hours, factory adjustable)

Dispensing unit

● TS-2XX in mL or 1/48 fl oz, precision up to 1/384 fl oz
● TS-1XX in 1/48 fl oz divided in 1/96 fl oz


● 12, 14, 16 and 21 canisters configurations
● Floor stand (TS-XXXF) or countertop (TS-XXXC) bodies
● Manual can puncher (takes one canister position)
● 110 V 60 Hz power settings
● Custom body colors
● White or black canister body

Can handling

● Maximum can height 420 mm (floor stand), 280 mm (countertop)
● Maximum can base diameter 300 mm

Power and electric specs.

● Single phase 220 V 50 Hz ± 10%
● Max. power consumption 40 W
● Working temperature from 10° to 40°
● Relative humidity from 5% to 85% (not condensing)

TS-216F (16 canisters, floor stand)

●  Machine Dimensions (H, W, D) 1330 x 860 x 860 mm
●  Packing Dimensions (H, W, D) 870 x 1050 x 580 mm
●  Net Weight  68Kg
●  Gross Weight  87Kg
●  52Pieces /20”Container

paint dispenser with puncher

Manual Dispenser with Puncher

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