HS-6 Manual Gyro Mixer

Short Description:

Manual clamping the can

Double lock, double protection

Cost-effective & reliable

Smaller investment returns big profit

Easy to operate and maintain

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HS-6 Gyro Mixer represents the very latest in high efficiency paint mixing technology. The result is a rugged and reliable mixer, solid in both performances and design.The machine design and the manual clamping mechanism are built to reduce maintenance to a minimum and therefore allow paint mixing to be performed at a very low “cost per volume” ratio.

This gyroscopic mixer is the perfect solution for economic mixing of paint and similar materials. The manual clamping mechanism is easy to operate and maintain.

Operator's safety is granted by the most strict design and material specifications. Safety is always our primary concern in designing and producing all our equipments.

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● Entry level gyroscopic mixer
● Manual can clamping mechanism
● Mixing speed of 130 RPM
● Adjustable mixing time from 0 to 15 minutes
● Access door with shock-absorbers for easy opening and closing
● Safety lock on the access door

Can handling

● Maximum load 35 Kg (77 lb.)
● Maximum can height 420 mm
● Minimum can height 85 mm
● Maximum can diameter 330 mm


● 110 V 60 Hz power settings
● Custom body colors. Standard colors are RAL-6000 and RAL-9002 (reference only)

Power and electric specs.

● Single phase 220 V 50 Hz ± 10%
● Max. power consumption 750 W
● Working temperature from 10° to 40°
● Relative humidity from 5% to 85% (not condensing)

Dimensions and shipping 

● Machine (H, W, D) 1040 x 800 x 790 mm
● Packing (H, W, D) 1230 x 900 x 870 mm
● Net Weight 188Kg
● Gross Weight 220Kg
● 24 Pieces / 20”Container

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