Short Description:

Easy to be downloaded, installed and used

Unlimited formulas / colors database

Interfaces with popular spectrophotometers

Can imput formulas from popular third parties software

Small memory footprint, high Windows compatibility

Product Detail

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ADS-Pro main features
A complete formula book, color matching and dispenser manager. Easy to download, install and use.

● Unlimited formulas database
● Unlimited colors database
● Color matching capability (look-up, look-up + correction, match)
● Interfaces with popular low-cost spectrophotometers and chromameters
● Formula calculated for different can sizes
● Handles any formula unit in both weight and volume
● Up to 9 components + base for each formula
● Possibility to protect/encrypt the formula book
● Complete colorants and base cost calculator
● Formula editor and manual formula dispensing
● Strength correction can be applied to products
● Can import formulas from popular third parties software
● Formulas can be stored and organized in a local database
● Formula data can be printed on labels or paper sheets
● Handles point-of-sale statistics for colors, colorants, products etc.
● Small memory footprint, high Windows compatibility

ADS-Pro main features

ADS-Maintenance main features
This service and maintenance software allows to configure the dispenser, perform colorants calibration and test the machines internal parts.

● Easy maintenance and machine setup
● Pump precision and speed control
● Manual and automatic colorant calibration
● Interfaces with most popular electronic scales
● Canister configuration and setup
● Mixing and purging setup
● Machine internal parts test and diagnostics
● Small memory footprint, high Windows compatibility

ADS-Link main features
A transparent machine software driver that allows third-parties applications to send formulas to the dispenser.

● Runs in the background, transparent for user
● Supports all common formula exchange protocols
● Shows dispenser status and eror conditions
● Checks and handles colorants levels
● Small memory footprint, high Windows compatibility

Access global point-of-sale information and statistics. Get data from everywhere using PCs, Macs, tablets and phones.

● All market information in a centralised location.
● Import statistics and maintenance info from all point-of-sale connections
● Complete visibility on the market status, consumptions and maintenance
● Handles individual user’s license
● Provides automatic updates for point-of-sales software and database
● Secure encrypted connection between software and server

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