HS-8 One-Gallon Vortex Mixer

Short Description:

Utilizes gear drive system, ensuring superior reliability

Built with industrial grade components

Easy drop-in loading

Suitable for 1 gallon, quarts, pint paint can

Smaller investment

Small footprint, space saving

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This vortex mixer is the perfect solution for fast and homogeneous mixing of paint and similar products in standard 1 Gallon and Quart cans.
Both round and square gallon cans can be handled using different holders. A special adapter is available to mix quarts and smaller sizes.

The design is robust, simple and less expensive compared with gyro mixers and shakers. The machine design and the manual clamping mechanism are built to reduce maintenance to a minimum and therefore allow paint mixing to be performed at a very low “cost per volume” ratio.

Operator's safety is granted by the most strict design and material specifications. Safety is always our primary concern in designing and producing all our equipments.

Vortex mixer 1 gallon paint mixer paint can mixer
round can holder vorter mixer

Round can holder

square can holder vortex mixer, 1 gallon paint mixer,paint mixer

Square can holder


● Compact, high efficient, stable and low noise design
● Fast vortex speed at 265 RPM (spin at 410 RPM)
● Mixing time can be adjusted up to 15 minutes
● Easy to operate and maintain
● Safety switch on the access door for maximum operational safety


● 110 V 60 Hz power settings
● Square can holder
● Pint & quart adapter
● Custom body colors

Container handling

● Maximum load 5 Kg (11 lb.)
● Maximum can height 200 mm
● Maximum can diameter 170 mm (or 170 x 170 mm)

Power and electric specs.

● Single phase 220 V 50 Hz • 10%
● Max. power consumption 180 W
● Working temperature from 10° to 40°
● Relative humidity from 5% to 85% (not condensing)

Dimensions and shipping

● Machine (H, W, D) 680 x 420 x 580 mm
● Packing (H, W, D) 800 x 660 x 480 mm
● Net Weight 70Kg
● Gross Weight 86Kg
● 82 Pieces / 20”Container

Using the Can Adapter

Using The Can Adapter

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